90% of business fail after a disaster

Security awareness to educate people

From a survey, more than 70% of security incidents are happened because of human error. Mostly people with their knowledge on security awareness, click phishing mail links, lose USB drives or share the information with unauthorized person. Employees of every organization are unaware of how their information is shared and what their role in their organization is while it is about information security. This makes an organization to easily prone to vulnerability and cyber threats. So, security awareness is conducted and it is stimulated as a functioning human firewall.

90% of business fail after a disaster

Information security of an organization can be handled by their employees to make a big change. This is not applicable with just a policy and technology implementation. Each employee need to be aware of their work and how to secure the information. Thus security awareness makes it possible by acting accordingly. This is a program by which the employees are able to prevent and avoid security threads. Along with this awareness program, it is essential to have responsibility among the employees to secure information. Thus, other terms of security awareness are cyber awareness, information awareness and iConsciousness.

Mostly employees have a question that whose responsibility is information security? Isn’t it the responsibility of IT department? They work with the software and they have to be responsible for security thread. They have to protect the information with firewalls and virus scans. Even if everything is done, it needs security protection while using. There is a chance of security thread because of human errors done by employees. Security awareness is the process of training and education employees about all the IT security system. Awareness includes:

  • Program designed to educate employees
  • Employee responsibility towards company information security
  • Various measures to check on these efforts

Security awareness is done in four different stages. They are

  • Checking on the recent status
  • Organizing a security awareness program
  • Conducting the program to create awareness among employees
  • Checking on how the program has moved and auditing

It is a formal process of conducting computer security awareness. A proper program should educate employees about the corporate policies and procedures while working with the IT. From the awareness, employees should have knowledge on how to handle the situation and whom to contact when the security thread occurs. There are many experts who provide various security awareness programs. So if you want to know about it you can check on their site and for further details on security awareness program, you can contact the (source: https://phoenixnap.com/blog/security-awareness-training-program)