Löwe WoT

Löwe WoT Short Review

World of Tanks Löwe is one of the original premium tanks. Löwe is a decent representative of tier 8 German heavies. Because of its high survivability, you may be a long-time survivor of your team and at the end have quite an influence on the results of the battle.

Löwe is loved for its gun. The tank is a great sniper with the 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/70 gun which is famous for 234/294/60mm of penetration and 0.33m of accuracy. It is incredibly useful for causing damage to fast-moving, distant and thick-armored targets. The reload time is 12s but you may use Medium Caliber Tank Gun-Rammer to decrease it. The aim time is 2.04s. Although, compared to other tier 8 heavies, it has rather poor alpha damage of 310 HP.

The other features of turret are:

  • Armor – 120/80/80mm;
  • View Range – 400m;
  • Turret Traverse – 23d/s;
  • Traverse Arc – 360.

World of Tanks Löwe

Moving the turret back and forward to cover the hatch while lifting the gun makes you nearly immune to most guns. The sloped turret armor can also bounce poorly aimed and small caliber shots.

The tank weighs 90t which makes it excellent for ramming. Being a heavy tank, it has relatively low mobility. Löwe is able to reach the speed of 35 km/h. It has 9.5hp/ton, meaning it is not so good with accelerating and climbing slopes. Hence, the driver has to pre-plan the way to destination. Also, you should be going downhill or have a long ride to accelerate in order to reach the maximum speed; otherwise, the speed would be around 25-30km/h on the flat ground.

The hull armor of Löwe WoT is 150/100/80mm. It is also huge in size which makes it almost impossible to hide fully behind a cover. Unable to escape swiftly and incapable of rotating to face the nearby enemy with the thicker armor, one Löwe alone has low chances to survive within 50 meters of nimble enemy tanks.

Löwe provides a good opportunity for training a crew. The required crew and most essential skills for the tank include the following

  • Commander: Sixth Sense, Repair, Brothers in Arms;
  • Gunner: Repair, Snap Shot, Brothers in Arms;
  • Driver: Repair, Smooth Ride, Brothers in Arms;
  • Radio Operator: Repair, Situation Awareness, Brothers in Arms;
  • Loader: Repair, Adrenaline Rush, Brothers in Arms.

Some say Löwe should be in the frontline, and some scream about the second line due to its not-so-thick armor. But the truth is, it depends. Sometimes, you just have to lead your team, and, sometimes, you support them from the rear of an attack group sniping at a long range or attacking from ambush.