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How much do you know about lymphatic drainage?

This is a treatment that is taking place more and more in spas and beauty salons. Most of the time the lymphatic drainage aims to fight against the retention of water or to infiltrate the tissues victims of the famous orange peel. But what is lymphatic drainage and how does it work? Read this article to know more. Click here for drain bags colorado springs.

What do you know about Lymphatic circulation?

The lymphatic system is the set of lymphatic vessels and lymphatic organs that organize the formation and circulation of the lymph (a colorless or slightly yellow liquid that travels the entire human body with the exception of the central nervous system, muscles and cartilage, and who has a significant stake in the body’s defense because it has white blood cells). Visit this site for drain bags colorado springs.

One to two liters of lymph flow on average in each human body. It serves as an intermediary between the blood and the cells to provide the necessary nutrients. The lymphatic network works without a pump, unlike blood, the lymph is distributed throughout the body through body movements.

Lymphatic circulation

This one goes through the different tissues then joins the lymph nodes. These are around 700 to 800 and allow cleansing of the lymph. They produce antibodies to be released in case of infection. All lymph from the trunk and sub-diaphragmatic ganglia then goes to the Pecquet cistern. The lymphocytes mature in the primary lymphatic organs (bone marrow or thymus) and then move to the secondary lymphatic organs (tonsils or spleen).

The lymphatic system is essential to avoid any external aggression against the body but it can also be responsible for several diseases such as the generalization of cancers for example.

What is lymphatic drainage and what is its effect on the lymphatic circuit?

Lymphatic drainage is a medical practice discovered in 1898 and is described in a book. The massage method was used to reduce traumatic edema and evacuate bruises.

The therapeutic indications for manual lymphatic drainage today come from the many experiments done by Dr. Vodder in 1958. Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that is used to revive the circulation of the lymph.

Being important in the lymphatic system since when it is loaded with toxins and residues released by the cells, it goes to the ganglia to be cleaned. That’s why if this circulation is deficient then it can lead to a problem with the legs, ankles, the appearance of cellulite, etc.

How is lymphatic drainage practiced?

Lymphatic drainage is practiced by physiotherapists in a medical setting but also more and more in thalassos centers or spas and in beauty institutes for the purpose of relaxation, tissue regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.

For this the patient is lying down and covered with a sheet then the massage is done by area to be treated by an experienced practitioner. It is practiced so that it is not painful for the clients. Two methods can be adapted:

The first is that of Dr. Vodder, it consists of making pressure and circular movements to unclog the tissues of the lymph and increase the production of lymphocytes by the ganglia.

The second method is that of Dr. Leduc, it is inspired by the Vodder method. It retains two principles and improves them, the capture of toxins and their evacuation in order to unclog the tissues and to make the circulation of the lymph more efficiently. That said during the 1990s, Jacques de Micas has put in place a technique to increase the lymphatic circulatory flow back, this technique reduces fibrosis and helps improve healing.

What are the reasons for manual lymphatic drain bags colorado springsdrainage and what are the contraindications?

As previously stated, manual lymphatic drainage is practiced in the medical or aesthetic setting. The reasons for a medical prescription may be due to lymphoedema, edema related to neurological diseases, inflammations of rheumatic origin, eczema, acne or sinusitis.

The aesthetic practice is made to act on the rejuvenation of tissues, to improve the quality of the skin or to fight against cellulite. In particular, lymphatic drainage enhances the effects of the palpate-rolling slimming massage.

The practice of lymphatic drainage is contraindicated without the doctor’s prescription in case of acute infection, carotid sinus sclerosis, malignant tumors or tuberculosis. Caution should also be exercised when treating hyperthyroidism, heart problems, thrombosis or severe asthma.