3 tips to improve the SEO of a website

The best traffic your company can receive on its website is organic traffic. Visitors coming to your website thanks to the search engines are actively looking for your services and come naturally to you. Having organic traffic takes more time and effort compared to paid campaigns. However, there are several tips to speed up the process.

Here are the three most important factors for increasing organic traffic, in order:

  • Create high value content
  • Have natural links to your website
  • Focus on the SEO On-Page

Create quality content and optimize it

Content is the basis for improving the visibility of your business on the internet. It will have to offer value to readers and convince them that you are experts in what you do. Good content is more likely to be viral and therefore rewarded by the Google search engine in its ranking algorithm. It is however necessary to optimize this content with the keywords used by your persona. To do this you must understand the language of the latter to know how they do their research on search engines and thus adapt your language to theirs.

Top rating seo companies suggest to define a keyword list by thinking about how people search for your products and services. Some tools like Google trends or Google Planner can help you find the most relevant terms in your industry.

Do not repeat keywords too often. You can use keywords 2 to 3 times in your content for short content and 4-6 times for longer. Feel free to use variations (synonyms) of the main keyword so you do not focus on optimization at the expense of relevance.

Always remember that quality content fuels interest and encourages visitors to come back to the site when they need information on the same subject or your industry.

Have natural links that point to your website

Google favors sites that have a lot of inbound links, especially from trusted sites. Encourage customers, partners, suppliers, influencers and other bloggers to link to your site. Because, the more you have inbound links, the higher will be your rank on the search engines.By producing content of quality content you are more likely to be relayed by authoritative sites, which consequently gives your site more authority on Google.  However, avoid links from sites with low reputation. Indeed these can affect your SEO.

Focus on the SEO On-Page

This is a little more technical aspect why many companies do not pay attention. However, the On-Page SEO can have a strong impact on organic traffic.

Here is a list of SEO for startup sites that shows you everything you need to know.

Here are some tips to consider for improving your On-page SEO:

  • Use SEO-friendly URLs
  • Target long-tail keywords (long-tails keywords)
  • Make links to relevant content
  • Improve the loading time of your pages
  • Add share buttons to social networks

These tips we have just reviewed will help you improve your visibility on the internet and increase organic traffic on your website. SEO is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy and increases the visibility of your company and its content on the web.