website design

How to know which package is best suited for your website?

There are several packages to bring best website designs to a consumer at some reasonable prices and the prices largely varies on the number of pages a consumer is looking to have in his or her website. A person has to know what all he or she wants to include in the final website design and it can be quite confusing to select the right information matching your requirements, this is the right place where  can come into play as they help a consumer get free website design quote fitting right in the budget.

website design

This three-page website is the basic package that is available for the website design and is proven to be quite beneficial for the consumers who are beginners or are at an initial stage of their start-up where they are willing to save as much as they can. The kind of website design can really help to showcase the skills, services and portfolio in the most interactive and eye-catching which is quite necessary as it tells a lot about the product or your service. It is necessary for your website to work on every kind of the device that includes smartphones both Android and iPhone, tablets or PCs, Laptops which makes it quite essential for a person to have professional help in creating the dream website no matter how small or big is it.

Perks of having three-page website package:

It will take three days for the team of professionals to complete your desired websites in just £295 which is the final price including VAT and there is no monthly fees or hidden costs. The site will include the content management system, brings a free domain which is quite expensive to get normally, optimization with Google to bring the right exposure to your website, SSL encryption system, a year of website online storage, three email addresses for the website, website will be accessible from all kind of devices and will have a simple contact form. There is an annual renewal price of £99 which makes sure the website design is maintained with regular updates and security.

Just in case a person is willing to have an additional five pages add-on, it can be done by paying £99 extra which is quite affordable.

There are many more packages depending on the number of pages you are willing to get for your website.