I’ve Learned How to Promote My YouTube Channel! Here’s What I’ve Done!

At first, it was just for fun. But now I’ve learned to promote my YouTube channel in the right way! It’s made a huge difference!

I loved to be able to express myself about what I was going through in my online career and how my goals were changing. The ability to talk openly, showing expressions that could not be conveyed through writing was exhilarating. I had found a whole new outlet for communication. It was then that I realized this outlet could do so much more than providing a platform for “venting”. This is why I’ve learned how to promote my YouTube channel.

Promotion started with the basics

Just like most success stories, it all boiled down to understanding the foundation of a project and what it provided for me. The basics which prove that I’ve learned how to promote my YouTube channel were just tools like catchy titles and professionalism. Then there was more beyond that!

how to promote my YouTube channel

The easy stuff!

I experimented with thumbnails because your first impression will be what brings them back for more. Think about it, it only takes a few seconds to decide which video to watch when you’re browsing YouTube.

So, in order to win over your competition, you will need something that grabs attention quickly – throw in bold colors, subject matter that might be interesting to the masses and even a few short blurbs of information. This is easy to do and has a huge impact right from the start.

Tip: Check out your specs before uploading thumbnails for your videos.

  • Keep a 2MB limit
  • Use a 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Minimum width should be 640 pixels
  • Use only JPG, BMP, PNG, and GIF format

More of the basics included an engaging title. This is one of the main things that your audience will notice which helps them choose what to watch. If your title isn’t interesting, they’re probably not going to look. At first, I will admit, my titles were rather tame with no real call to action (which, I might add, is a great way to put it). You can develop a call to action through many tools in Youtube promotion.

Let’s hope your audience uses one of the most popular calls to action, being the subscribe option! If they subscribe and comment, this will spread your video further throughout theonline territory, generating more views.

The deeper stuff!

Now, there’s SEO. I’ve learned how to promote my YouTube channel by utilizing successful search engine optimization techniques as well. These tools may sound difficult, but they’re easier than you think. It’s about ranking high on the (SERPs) or search engine results pages. This can be done by paying attention to popular video keywords and their placement. Titles and descriptions should be healthy with these keywords.

Also, consider which keywords are popular for videos as opposed to writing information. For example, the audience would much rather watch a video about dancing than read an article. You see what I mean?

It really is that easy

So, before you feel overwhelmed, and you shouldn’t, make sure you read through this information carefully. I’ve learned how to promote my YouTube channel and you can too! All it takes is a little motivation and dream!

Good luck!